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June 19, 2012


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Contest! Create A Character-Elements! Last Day

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2012, 5:00 PM

Edit The Contest ends today!!!! Get your entries in!

Elements Character Contest!
Get a character in my graphic novel!
Comment if you want to Join!

Hey everyone! With Elements the Series coming soon I wanted to have a contest! All you have to do is create a character that fits the guidelines I provide you with.
*The characters that are chosen to be in the contest will most likely not be shown till volume 2 since volume 1 had already been planned.


:bulletred: The character you create must be either...
-Big Cat(this only includes the 8 species of BIG cats, ask if unsure what species those are)
-African Wild Dogs

:bulletorange: The character you create must have bird-like or dragon-like wings!

:bulletyellow: The character you create must have one or two elemental powers. These include: Ice, Thunder, Water, Grass, Earth, Darkness, Light, Wind, Metal, Spirit, Galaxy, Crystal, Poison, Physic, Time
*Please note that I have excluded fire since there are too many fires charactersxD(can you tell it's my fave element?) also, Zion, or rainbow, can only be held my clan leaders. Your character cannot be a leader.
:bulletgreen: Include an in depth character personality smart for your character. This is one of the most important things in judging. I want to be able to get to know your character so well, I would know how they would answer questions and react to things due to their personality.

:bulletblue: The art must be yours! No using others line arts. Only your original art.
:bulletpurple: Please no insane colors, unnatural colors are fine as long as it's not crazy sparkledog. No insane neon>_<

:bulletpink: One entry per deviant!

What will you be Judging on?

:bulletblack: Your art will not affect whether or not you win! Of course, I want you try your best but this is not an art contest.

:bulletblack: Your characters personality will be what I focus on! I want interesting, yet believable personalities. This has personalities the can match anyone-->…

:bulletblack: How well you follow the rules!

Due Date August 17th, a Friday. Need more time? Let me know

:star:100:points:  per winner!
:star:A free copy of volume one of "Elements"!
Prizes will be updated soon.
There will be more winners if there are more entries!
Want to donate a prize? Comment!

Page 1! Elements RS Prologue Pg-1 by Hyena27

Entrants and Entries:
:iconhappyhorseshoe303: Kylen's tale
My brothers were once light and darkness. I was nothing. No wings to lift me up, no soul to ground me to this life. I faded, almost into nothing, while my brothers grew strong and tall and powerful. I was forgotten, and I drifted among the shades of those whose bones rested in the earth's embrace. They whispered many secrets, old and terrible secrets, and I welcomed them, knowing that I would soon pass into their midst. I could see the lights of souls, and I knew that without one I was dying. The spirits passed into me great wisdom, and I cherished it, for it gave me meaning. My brothers were Aliare, light, and Morran, darkness. From the spirits, I gave myself a name. Kylen, ghost.  And with the name, so I slipped into the void.
Years passed, and in the realm of the living, war was tearing apart the land. My brothers had turned against each other, and the sky shook with the tangled powers brought to bear against the other, and I was powerless to stop them. The oldest and wise

:iconjohnnymendoza95: character contest entry by johnnymendoza95
:iconmoni98: :thumb310114371:
:iconevolf: OCCE: Zan'Qikel by Evolf
:iconowlknightofthefey: Darkness Falls by OwlknightOfTheFey
:iconskywolffang: Blake by skywolffang
:iconraven-greylarke: Ulrik by Raven-Greylarke
:iconscreamingveganwolves: Hyena27 contest entry by ScreamingVeganWolves
:iconevolf:OCCE: Zan'Qikel by Evolf
:iconalex21699s: Hyena27's Contest entry by alex21699s
:iconlaladays: Elements character by laladays
:iconixamxunknown: Contest Entry by IxAmxUnknown
:iconcrazywolfs: lullaby by Crazywolfs
:iconwolfgirl-1999: Elements Character Contest by wolfgirl-1999
:iconhawkstorm2: .:Contest:.Elements: Anu by Hawkstorm2
:icondragon-art14: Shisou Ref by Dragon-Art14
:iconzephammo: Darkness and Light by Zephammo

Skin by Nobody (modified by Hyena27)
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